Have a smile on usTM

About the Creator and Author

Stephen Bowers

As a respite from being a chimney sweep by day, I enjoy creating stories in my spare time. Some Haggis stories were lying dormant on my computer, when I decided to show them to my wife, Debbie, who encouraged me to complete them. I have revelled in writing all the descriptions, and am delighted at how Katrina has brought them all to life. It has been an enriching experience to be part of creating some Scottish culture.

About the Artist and Illustrator

Katrina Melsom

Born in Stonehaven (home to the Stonehaven Longbody), I went on to study as a Graphic Designer in Aberdeen. Building up my reputation as a local artist, I joined NEOS ( North East Open Studios) in 2007. Coincidentally, Debbie came to visit my studio and introduced to her husband Steve who was looking for an illustrator to bring his amazing stories to life. And there the story begins and the Haggis Horde characters were born.