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There are many tall tales told about the haggis, perhaps the best and most frequently told one is this….

Haggis live in the mountains of Scotland, they have two long legs and two short legs, this enables them to run round the sides of mountains much more easily and much faster because the sort legs are on the up slope and the long legs provide balance on the down slope. Because of this haggis are very easy to catch, simply set your trap on a haggis “path” and it will run round the mountain and straight into it. It is of course a total fabrication and it would render haggis extinct very very quickly. In order to dispel this myth and provide insight into the real haggis of Scotland this field guide has been produced….

Meet Some of The Horde

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The Mythical One

Does the Mystical One really exist????

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The Aberdeen Red

One of the funniest tales of "Reds" concerns the time an entire bourach escaped from the...

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The Dundee Longleg

A haggis of the shadows, this beast frequents ............................

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The Dunt

One of the smallest of the haggis clan, this little one will never the less fiercely defend its territory.........................

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The Edingburgh Soot Licker

A bizarre haggis, roof top dwelling and nesting happily around the chimney pots of ...

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The Glasgow Cracker

A haggis well suited to its location, like Glaswegians the Cracker is also gregarious..................

Meet the Rest of the Haggis Horde